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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Are One

You may have recently noticed the advertisements on television regarding an effort by many Unions together to increase public awareness of the State of Illinois employees' battle with the State over pensions. We want you to know that we are dedicated to fighting for your pensions, as well as all of your rights as State employees. From its inception, the Laborers' have been at the forefront of the fight and we have been working closely with other unions that represent State employees to fight for your pensions. Our staff, including Business Manager Mike Stout and Secretary-Treasurer/Staff Attorney Kendra Doellman-Best, have been in discussions with the Laborers' Midwest Regional office regarding the activities and efforts of We Are One. Mike and Kendra have been working closely with the Laborers' lobbyists who have been responsible for stopping previously attempted legislation that could have affected your bargaining rights. Now, Mike and Kendra are working with the lobbyists to fight for your pensions.

Watch for more to come!

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