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Thursday, September 29, 2011



We have received many calls from our members asking the status of our fight against the Governor's wage increase halt issue on July 1, 2011. We have taken up the fight in a few different ways.

1. Federal Lawsuit: As of today, the federal lawsuit that we filed against the Governor and the State actions against our bargaining units is STILL PENDING. While we have been informed that other lawsuits may have been dismissed, ours has not. If it does get dismissed we have already discussed appealing the Judge's ruling.

2. Unfair Labor Practice: We have a pending ULP at the Illinois Labor Relations Board that is currenty being investigated by the Board. We intend to continue to pursue that as far as we can take it.

3. Grievance: We still have our grievance pending at the 4th level and have had discussions with CMS regarding the wage increases being reinstated. We expect that it will eventually be denied at which time we will likely pursue arbitration. If we win the arbitration and the State refuses to abide by the Arbitrator's decisions, we can file a State action to enforce the arbitration decision. But for now, it is pending at the 4th level.

We intend to continue the fight on all fronts!


If you are not receiving our meeting notices or other mail please contact our office to ensure that we have your correct address on file. If you are a member, this is very important. Contract negotiations will be taking place within the next 6 months and we will be sending out the ratification vote through the mail as we did last time. Be sure you have updated all of your information. Most of the informatino we disseminate goes out through email. So if you are not receiving emails from us, please be sure to update with our office as well. Be sure to add to your contacts so our emails do not end up in your spam folder.

Be sure to check back for more information and be sure to "like" us on Facebook.

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