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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Closures Announced for DOC and DJJ

We were notified by Central Management Services that the Governor would be announcing closures that will affect some of our members in Department of Corrections and Deparment of Juvenile Justice. Within DOC, the State has determined to close Tamms Correctional Center and Dwight Correctional Center. Within DJJ, the State has determined to close IYC Joliet and IYC Murphysboro.

We fully intend to fight these closures and in the event that the closures move forward we will strive to ensure that no one is laid off. In the event of closure we will enter into negotiations with the State regarding the effects on the bargaining unit, layoff plans, and the possibility of transfers to other facilities. As you may be aware, we have had vacancies posted throughout the State that may be an option for those possibly affected.

It is our hope to stop these closures. You can help start the fight by contacting your local legislators to voice your opposition to these closures. We will do everything we can on this end to fight these closures and possible layoffs of our bargaining unit members.

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