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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pension Update

As you know, Gov. Quinn and legislative leaders are, once again, trying to balance the budget on the backs of state employees.  Laborers’ Local 2002, represented through our Regional Office, is part of organized labor’s “We Are One Illinois” coalition negotiating team which has met with representatives of the Governor’s office and the General Assembly numerous times.

The Governor released his “framework” of pension cuts and is actively courting support for them.  The cuts include:

·         Cuts to pension Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) for future (and, possibly, current) retirees;
·         Increasing the retirement age to 67; and
·         Contribution increases for current state employees.

These proposals have more support among some legislators than past proposals have.   Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel essentially echoed them this week as potential changes he’d like the legislature make for Chicago workers and retirees.  We need to increase our phone calls to our legislators immediately voicing our opposition to these changes.

Call your state representatives and senators at 888/412-6570 or just click here today!  Tell them that:

1)      Labor is willing to a negotiate fair and constitutional solution to the pension problem;
2)      Proposals to cut benefits are unconstitutional; and
3)      Passing unconstitutional cuts are a political game that the public will easily see through.  Voter want real solutions, not games.

Also, the Illinois House passed a bill yesterday (SB 1313) that eliminates the 5%/year of service State pick-up for retiree health care premiums, essentially leaving the State’s contribution up in the air every year (and, you know, it won’t be increased).  Here is the link to how the state representatives voted:

Please ask your state senators to vote ‘no’ on SB 1313 and thank your representatives if they voted ‘no’ or ‘present’ and (politely) indicate your displeasure with those who voted ‘yes’ on SB 1313

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