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Thursday, May 31, 2012

SB 1556

As reported earlier, Senate Bill 1556 will be voted on the floor today. If passed, the bill has the potential to impact tiltes certified on or after December 2, 2008.

Here is a listing of those possibly impacted:

PSA 8Ks (mental health admins):
PSA 8Ls (attorneys) + Nuclear Safety Staff Attorneys:
SPSA 7s (DNR- captains):
SPSA 7s (ISP-Forensics- Sections Chiefs, Asst. Lab Dir., Deputy Lab Dir.):
SPSA 7s (ISP-additional titles):
SPSA 7s (ISP- Inspectors):
DHS OIG Investigators:
PSA 7s (DOC additional titles):
PSA 7 (ISP Narcotics Sup):
PSA 7 (ISP Sex Offender Registry):

Those titles not listed above cannot be impacted.

We have no reason to believe all of the titles will be targeted by the Governor's Office, but wanted to share this with our members.

We are working to defeat this bill in the Senate, please call your Senator at 888 412 6570 and ask them to vote NO!

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