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Friday, December 7, 2012

Pay Case Decision Issued.....Details Forthcoming

We just received word that the Judge as ruled in the pay increase case and the Judge has ruled in favor of the Unions!! The details are still forthcoming but it appears that the Judge ruled that, regardless of whether or not money is appropriated for a monetary contractual obligation, the State still owes the money and must pay employees what it can immediately. The remainder of the money owed must still be paid to the employees eventually through Back Wage Claim and the money paid through Back Wage Claim would include 7%. We believe the State can still appeal this decision and may, and there are still details we are attempting to ascertain, but this is definitely a very big win for State employees!!
Stay tuned for additional information. As always, we will keep you informed at every phase with the information necessary for you to receive your pay.

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