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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pay Case Update

There has been a new development in the pay case. When AFSCME appealed Circuit Court Judge Billik's ruling, they obtained a stay of the order issued by Judge Bilik. That means, as long as the appeal is pending the State does not have to obey the order from the Circuit Court. However, Judge Bilik retired, being replaced and the new Judge in the Circuit Court presiding over Judge Bilik's ruling has removed the stay. That means, the money the State set aside in accordance with a pre-ruling order by Judge Bilik must be used to pay out to the employees monies owed. Now, there is a hitch. Some of the money set aside is from special grants and is designate for particular programs which means that only employees within those programs would be able to be paid from those grants. However, there is still other money set aside that can be paid out to employees in the State. This is a great development in the matter. We hope to have more news to come. As we learn about the State's compliance with the lifted stay we will keep you informed.

ISEA, Laborers' Local 2002 Staff

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