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Friday, July 1, 2011

SJ-R: "Quinn Cancelling $75 Million In State Employee Pay Raises."

At approximately noon today (7/1/2011), ISEA, Laborers’ Local 2002 office was notified via facsimile that CMS is prohibiting the implementation of Fiscal Year 2012 cost of living adjustments, longevity enhancements and step increases due to the lack of personal services appropriations by the General Assembly in the following agencies, boards, authorities and/or commissions which include about 30,000 state employees:
·         Department of Corrections
·         Human Rights
·         Human Services
·         Juvenile Justice
·         Labor
·         Natural Resources
·         Public Health
·         Revenue
·         Criminal Justice Information Commission
·         Historic Preservation Agency
·         Human Rights Commission
·         Prisoner Review Board
·         Deaf & Hard of Hearing Commission
·         Guardianship & Advocacy Commission
This e-mail is intended to let our membership know that we are aware of the situation and that we are discussing the options available to us.  We will continue to keep our membership updated as more information becomes available. This is just another assault on bargaining unit employees and we remain committed to fighting for our members’ rights.
ISEA, Laborers’ Local 2002 Board & Staff

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